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Reliably monitoring millions of transactions

Evolutio, part of groupelephant.com, delivers AppDynamics, part of Cisco, enterprise monitoring for Discover Financial Services (DFS)

DFS, one of the largest card issuers in the US, has a sprawling digital landscape. From paying bills, to authorizing and clearing transactions, customers rely on DFS for a quality digital experience. DFS partnered with Evolutio to adopt a monitoring strategy focused on reducing the impact of system issues across their digital landscape. Evolutio has worked with DFS to implement a standards-based monitoring strategy that focuses on the most critical customer-facing aspects of the DFS portfolio.

Identifying and replicating opportunities for improvement

“By taking the approach to ‘monitor what matters most’, we've been able to realize improvements in detection rate, mean time to identify and resolution in the initial wave of applications that has continued since the deployment.  We have developed an Enterprise Standard for Application Performance Monitoring that DFS can continue to apply and refine for years to come,” said Ed Russell, Director of Business Technology at DFS.

The ultimate goal? Improving customers' digital experience

"Discover prioritizes the customer experience across their entire portfolio. If they find something that works well, they double-down, take it across their entire digital landscape and institutionalize it. This is a great example of what it takes to effectively monitor at enterprise scale," said Laura Vetter, CTO at Evolutio.

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