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Engineering information security compliance

Behind the scenes at a top engineering firm

Collins Engineers, Inc. provides engineering services in structural and transportation analysis and design, and underwater engineering. Collins pioneered the use of professional engineers as diving inspectors in the evaluation of underwater structures. Today, Collins is an ENR Top 500 Design Firm and provides design and analysis services coupled with field experience to the transportation, marine, construction, and land development industries.

Compliance: more than just a requirement

Collins’ client base requires strict information confidentiality and adherence to information security compliance standards. To deliver on these requirements Collins sought actionable intelligence on its IT infrastructure.

Operationalizing Splunk SIEM for information security compliance

Evolutio implemented Splunk Core to provide Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) functionality for Collins across 25 offices.

Compliance with the Risk Management Framework (RMF) introduced by the Department of Defense (DoD) in support of Government contracts required enterprise-scale information security. Splunk’s log aggregation and automated alerting capabilities allow Collins to confidently respond to real or perceived security threats in their environment.

Evolutio ingested security-relevant logs into Splunk using Splunk Best Practices, and built dashboards that made it easy to find any anomalous traffic and unauthorized devices on Collins’ network. This transparency into the network allows Collins to enforce their security policies consistently, which brings their information security up to the required standards of the RMF.

World-class compliance achieved

Collins is now in compliance with the auditing and reporting requirements of the RMF required by some of their DoD contracts. They have the Gartner security leading tool in their arsenal to proactively detect, understand and respond to real and potential threats in their environment.

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