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4 Hands Brewing & App Monitoring

Observability approaches are trending in the Monitoring and Site Reliability Engineering space because they have an inherent business lens. We'll talk about ways applications can drive brand loyalty and customer satisfaction with performance KPIs that are shaped from the outside in, where users meet the application.

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AppDynamics founder’s Midas touch strikes again as Harness valuation hits $3.7B

Jyoti Bansal has a pretty good track record when it comes to launching startups. He sold his first company, AppDynamics, for $3.7 billion the week it was supposed to go public in 2017. His latest one, Harness, announced a $230 million Series D today at a valuation of…wait for it…$3.7 billion.

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Cubs, Sox, and DevOps

We look forward to you joining us at Wrigley Rooftops in downtown Minneapolis for dinner with the State of DevOps in 2022 for a high-impact discussion focused on faster deployment pipelines and real stories of how organizations are tackling governance.

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Understanding the Log4j Vulnerability and Action Steps

We’re midway through December 2021, right before the calendar year ends, and the log4j vulnerability has bubbled to the top of the to-do list for any company, especially if they have applications that talk to the internet. This post aims to describe the Log4Shell flaw in digestible terms, and how you can engage our team to help.

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Evolutio and The STEM Connection brought you November Quick Wins

We are very excited to share that Evolutio sponsored the November STEM Quick Wins, by The STEM connection, a non-profit STEM education organization for children. What is STEM Quick Wins? STEM Quick Wins are free digital science, technology, engineering, and math activities...

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[Webinar] Best Practices for Governance in DevOps

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[Webinar] AI-Driven Banking: Satisfied Customers & Safer Transactions

For major banks, building AI models for key use cases has a transformative impact on account holders and merchant satisfaction. Detecting financial crimes, predicting merchant dollar volume, anticipating adoption rates, and smart pricing ops are all popular use cases driving customer satisfaction and safer banking transactions.

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White papers
AI Cloud for Banking Data Sheet

For those in the banking industry, the ever-evolving complexity of both serving and protecting their customers to the highest standard presents a set of unique challenges. Threats are growing more sophisticated. Interactions with customers and clients are becoming more digitized and personalized. At every level, risk management impacts success.

The Ultimate Guide to Modern SAP Monitoring

With SAP, businesses have the ability to bring together data from across functional areas allowing for a more streamlined process.

The 3 Critical Monitoring Tools for Hybrid Cloud Applications

A best-practices guide for monitoring business-critical, hybrid apps on AWS.

Migrate and Monitor Azure with AppDynamics Application

Rapidly migrate your business-critical applications to Microsoft Azure with confidence, clarity, and predictability.

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