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Happy Hour Reception for Nashville Analytics Summit 2023

On Monday, October 2nd in Nashville, join Evolutio and DataRobot for cocktails, snacks, and networking for a happy hour reception at the Twelve Thirty Club following the Day 1 sessions of the Nashville Analytics Summit. The gathering will take place at the Rooftop of Twelve Thirty Club located on Broadway Street, which is just a short walk from the conference center at Nashville Renaissance Hotel. Connect with peers over the latest in AI while enjoying live music and fantastic appetizers.

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Hands-On AI Workshop for Generative and Predictive AI Impact

On the afternoon of Thursday, September 21st, join Evolutio's Hands-On AI Workshop (sponsored by DataRobot), exploring how to both select your next best Generative AI use case and then get hands-on to build and deploy the models in your organization safely. In the in-depth presentation after the workshop, we’ll uncover real use cases improving AI maturity, recent advancements to DataRobot’s platform, integrations with Snowflake / AWS, and case studies of getting ML models into production. Generative AI is already radically transforming how we work, so please join us and explore a methodology for tackling its potential at your organization.

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Reception for the ASUG Best Practices: SAP for Oil, Gas, and Energy Event

On Thursday, September 14th, join Evolutio, Cisco AppDynamics, and our sister company EPI-USE (an SAP-focused consultancy) for cocktails, snacks, and networking with our community. We'll conveniently be at Parrino's Oven located inside the Hyatt Regency Dallas for a happy hour reception, which is the same location as the SAP ASUG 2023 conference Best Practices for Oil, Gas, and Energy.

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Our Take on the Future of AI: DataRobot's Pioneering Advancements in Generative and Predictive AI

Evolutio’s Vice President of Data Science & Analytics, Scott Munson, reacts to DataRobot's new predictive & generative AI capabilities for organizations to leverage their data better.

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Observability Client Stories

Observability is understanding the full picture: there's something that's happening with your application landscape that's starting to impact your users, your clients, or your business.

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[Webinar] Using Observability to De-risk Migrating SAP to the Cloud with Cisco AppDynamics

Organizations today are looking to transform their environments without impacting day-to-day operations. But moving to the cloud and SAP S/4HANA requires building a business case that goes beyond the technical requirements and the 2027 end-of-maintenance mandate. Using the fundamentals of observability enables a better understanding of user experience and business context as SAP performance deviates before, during, and post-migration, allowing business leaders to better communicate their vision.

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[Webinar] Propensity to Buy for Financial Products with Value-Driven AI

Join us as we discuss real-world examples of how our partner Evolutio is leveraging the DataRobot platform, our integrations with Snowflake, and their in-house expertise to help financial institutions enhance their ML Production maturity and better utilize their data to deliver business outcomes.

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White papers
AI Cloud for Banking Data Sheet

For those in the banking industry, the ever-evolving complexity of both serving and protecting their customers to the highest standard presents a set of unique challenges. Threats are growing more sophisticated. Interactions with customers and clients are becoming more digitized and personalized. At every level, risk management impacts success.

The Ultimate Guide to Modern SAP Monitoring

With SAP, businesses have the ability to bring together data from across functional areas allowing for a more streamlined process.

The 3 Critical Monitoring Tools for Hybrid Cloud Applications

A best-practices guide for monitoring business-critical, hybrid apps on AWS.

Migrate and Monitor Azure with AppDynamics Application

Rapidly migrate your business-critical applications to Microsoft Azure with confidence, clarity, and predictability.

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