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As today’s enterprises rapidly deploy new assets and exchange tremendous volumes of data, maintaining security must be a constant priority.

In our connected world, every interaction is a security risk.

In addition to the reputational risks of data breach, organizations are required to meet stringent compliance laws and shifting public expectations. Even minor security lapses can have devastating consequences.

Applications generate log files for every action a user takes, potentially revealing hacking attacks and unusual end-user behavior. Analyzing millions of log entries manually is impossible, resulting in system administrators and data security analysts missing the signs of system abuse.

Security that allows you to make full use of your wealth of data – without drowning in it.

By implementing industry-leading platforms, Evolutio helps you track and monitor large amounts of data and parse it into clear, valuable insights in real time. And through streamlined, vetted alerts, you have the freedom to take action on the most critical threats.

Break free of alert fatigue and bring scalable security to the applications that power your business.

Empower your teams to focus time and energy on improving the security of your application, not fielding trivial alerts.

Case Study

Securing data exchanges within massive structural engineering projects

How we helped Collins Engineers, Inc. meet strict government compliancy requirements.

Information Security Compliance at Collins Engineers, Inc.

Collins Engineers, Inc. provides engineering services in structural and transportation analysis and design, and underwater engineering. Collins pioneered the use of professional engineers as diving inspectors in the evaluation of underwater structures. Today, Collins is an ENR Top 500 Design Firm and provides design and analysis services coupled with field experience to the transportation, marine, construction, and land development industries.

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Lacework employs sophisticated machine learning to provide you with high-context, automated insights.

Using its patented Polygraph technology, Lacework builds a mesh of every asset, every connection, and every interaction across the whole of your cloud infrastructure and workloads to show you what you want to see, without the noise.

Designed and built with the philosophy of 'do more with less', Lacework allows you to spend less time looking at noisy alerts and managing endless disparate tooling, while ensuring you don't miss any detail.

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Secure Application protects your platform from attacks and vulnerabilities with unified business performance and security observability

Cisco Secure Application is the Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP) solution for modern applications, keeping both your users and your digital business happy by defending against attacks to prevent breaches. With Secure Application you can protect application communications without additional firewalls or proxies, automatically block threats in real time, and simplify the life cycle of vulnerability fixes.

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Eliminate your security blind spots with industry-leading enterprise security and performance monitoring

Managing SAP is complex. Correlating and identifying security and privacy is now made simpler with our pre-built alerting framework delivered directly out of your SAP systems into your Splunk workspace. Cenoti links SAP systems to Splunk, so you can manage your entire enterprise security monitoring via a single Splunk dashboard.

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Turn data into doing

The Splunk platform is designed to remove the barriers between data and action, so that everyone thrives in the Data Age. We’re empowering IT, DevOps and security teams to transform their organizations with data from any source and on any timescale.

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