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Safeguard your Cloud Workloads, simplify your security and uncover threats with Lacework

Many organizations find it difficult to provide visibility, let alone context, to behaviors within their cloud environments.

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Monitoring SAP with Splunk for Security and Operations

During this webinar, we will show you how using Cenoti can help you understand how your SAP system is performing by connecting SAP with Splunk, so you can manage your entire security landscape with a single product, eliminating a common security blind spot.

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Keeping SAP stable: More confident ABAP code deployments and infrastructure shifts

Have you found it difficult to troubleshoot the root cause of key SAP business process issues in the past? Traditional SAP monitoring tools present challenges because of the effort required to search across different environments, and the inability to include external systems. When SAP lies at the heart of your IT infrastructure, siloed data in your systems can dramatically reduce your organisation’s performance.

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Keeping Key Business Processes in SAP Stable with AppDynamics

In this webinar, we cover ABAP-level visibility, key business process health and stability for new IT infrastructure.

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Monitoring SAP ERP Compliance & Risk with Splunk

Who is Looking at Your Sensitive Data in SAP and how do you proactively monitor SAP threat vectors in highly complex & distributed environments?

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