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[Webinar] Propensity to Buy for Financial Products with Value-Driven AI

June 1, 2023
June 1, 2023

Financial Services and FinTech entities such as credit unions, credit bureaus, and others often struggle to utilize the inherent potential of their data to deliver tangible business value. Lack of infrastructure, lack of expertise, and lack of bandwidth all limit innovation and extend time-to market.

Join us as we discuss real-world examples of how our partner Evolutio is leveraging the DataRobot platform, our integrations with Snowflake, and their in-house expertise to help financial institutions enhance their ML Production maturity and better utilize their data to deliver business outcomes.

Join to hear about:

  • The value of Snowflake integrations with the DataRobot platform
  • Specific use cases propelling ML maturity for the financial sector
  • The value-driven data science and ML deployment capabilities of Evolutio



Scott Munson
Vice President of Data Science and Analytics, Evolutio

As the VP of Data Science & Analytics at Evolutio, Scott Munson helps clients apply Machine Learning in the real world, and deliver on the promise of Enterprise AI. His experience spans many industries including engineering, biotech, agriculture, retail, finance, and IT. Scott has managed successful multi-national digital transformation initiatives across the enterprise. At Evolutio, Scott has leveraged his technical and leadership skills to deliver Data Science, Analytics, and IT Operations solutions for enterprise clients.

Ray Mi
Vice President, Data Science Professional Services Americas, Data Robot

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