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Monitoring SAP with Splunk for Security and Operations

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November 19, 2020
November 19, 2020

About this webinar

With the increase in demand for data privacy compliance and enterprise security, it is now more crucial than ever to monitor your data to prevent security incidents. For companies running SAP software, traditionally teams rely on specialized engineers to monitor the software for security compliance. However, their complexity and criticality to business operations often exceeds the capacity of smaller technology teams.

Our proprietary software, Cenoti™, is a connector for Splunk and SAP that allows you to listen to your data with security and event monitoring across the enterprise. During this webinar, we will show you how using Cenoti can help you understand how your SAP system is performing by connecting SAP with Splunk, so you can manage your entire security landscape with a single product, eliminating a common security blind spot.

About this webinar

  • Watching users and discovering unusual behavior
  • Tracking transfers and changes to sensitive data
  • Monitoring critical KPIs
  • Monitoring critical KPIs
  • Using pre-delivered use cases for security, fraud, system health, and operations
  • Using ERP business data to enrich, understand and correlate other data streams



Laura Vetter

Laura Vetter is a subject matter expert in methodology and tooling for Monitoring, DevOps, and full stack Observability, namely with AppDynamics and other Performance Monitoring Tools in the competitive landscape. With over 20 years of hands-on experience working in IT Ops and leading large teams, she is particularly skilled in understanding how those tools can meet the visibility needs of application-driven, Fortune 500 organizations.

Laura is well-versed in building solutions for monitoring, alerting, and reporting demands at scale. With her team of consultants and solutions architects, they roadmap process to help organizations mature along the curve, wherever they're at in the journey.

As well, Laura is a certified subject matter expert in Splunk, monitoring global SAP ERP landscapes, and enabling Software Development and DevOps teams to leverage governance process for onboarding apps to CI/CD pipelines to get more secure and quality deployments.

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