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Monitoring SAP ERP Compliance & Risk with Splunk

March 16, 2020
March 16, 2020

Who is Looking at Your Sensitive Data in SAP?

How do you proactively monitor SAP threat vectors in highly complex & distributed environments? Is your company asking questions about proactively monitoring SAP’s risk and revenue-impacting events, given our complex IT environments in 2020?

Laura Vetter, Evolutio’s CTO, Highlights in this 30-Minute Webinar Replay:

  • How organizations mature their SAP security poster, levels 0 through 4
  • Watching users and discovering unusual behavior
  • Tracking transfers and changes to sensitive data
  • Monitoring critical KPIs
  • Using pre-delivered use cases for security, fraud, system health and operations
  • Using ERP business data to enrich, understand and correlate other data streams

Why Does This Matter to Organizations?

Evolutio’s expertise is deep in leading performance monitoring tools and helping companies mature in how they use their data. In our experience, data is not automatically actionable or contextual to the business, and SAP ERP’s proprietary data is no exception.

SAP’s platform demands rapid modernization into the next decade – an effort that impacts 92% of the Forbes Global 2000.

We developed Cenoti: a product for large SAP customers who struggle to manage its IT ops and security data. To illuminate business-contextual insights, this SAP-to-Splunk integration delivers a turn key solution using pre-delivered Splunk dashboards for obtaining key SAP security and IT ops data.

Who is Evolutio? Why is SAP a Focus?

Evolutio operationalizes data to monitor, troubleshoot, and secure enterprise systems. Data tells us an important story, and we’re experts at leveraging it to understand business impact as modern IT environments evolve and become more complex by the day.

We’re technologists who want to have the highest impact on revenue, customer experience, and internal morale by bringing disruptive performance and security monitoring to the complex and distributed SAP landscape.

Ready to see what we can do for your organization?

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