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Jamf software company

How to manage 20 million Apple devices

Jamf creates products that manage Apple devices

More than 50,000 organizations rely on Jamf to manage over 20 million Apple devices around the planet. With more than 1,800 full-time employees in 14 different countries, Jamf enables IT to empower end-users and bring the legendary Apple experience to businesses, education institutions and government organizations via their Jamf Pro and Jamf Now software.

Managing application performance during rapid growth

Jamf went through a rapid growth phase. To scale effectively, Jamf modernized its code base and adopted DevOps strategies to enable more frequent releases. This strategy necessitated better monitoring and early detection of problems before it becomes visible to its rapidly expanding user base.

They also needed to manage a multi-tenant environment where a noisy neighbor can significantly and negatively impact the performance of other tenants in the same environment. Understanding what creates noisy neighbors and what drives density in their environment was a key need.

World-class compliance achieved

Evolutio architected and assisted with the install/deployment/configuration of a monitoring and detection solution for JAMF Pro and JAMF Now environments:

  • We helped standardize alerts and alerting strategies across those environments and worked to tune those alerts.
  • We assisted with identifying and monitoring critical Business Transactions in the environment.
  • We worked to identify and monitor critical back-ends.
  • We built out various ways of evaluating density in their environment so they can start making density decisions based on real traffic data.

Managing application performance during rapid growth

The AppDynamics platform has helped Jamf development teams understand bottlenecks in their codebase, whether code releases had hidden performance problems and what items start.

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