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Evolutio has worked with a major US Credit Reporting Agency to implement a mature observability practice across the enterprise.

Customer Situation:

A top consumer Credit Reporting Agency has large enterprise business clientele (for example, think lenders or major retailers). Those clients rely on the Agency's credit data of over 800 million individual consumers and 80 million businesses worldwide.

Success story:

Since 2018, we have worked with the Agency in a strategic advisory capacity, enabling key Observability initiatives by leveraging Cisco’s AppDynamics to gain visibility into client base application health, and accordingly their business outcomes. With an Observability approach, Evolutio's Solutions Architects and Consultants have closely teamed with the Agency to eliminate alert noise and have standardized on a nimble, proactive response when client-impacting issues arise.

The result has been quick root-cause identification and remediation based on real-user monitoring, not synthetic monitoring.

From the outset, our organization has enabled a more aggressive patching schedule, and fixed recurring service degradation for numerous enterprise Agency clients, by more quickly pinpointing issues with AppDynamics.

Later, as the Agency’s Observability practice gained maturity, they began managing to the Four Golden Signals, which are Latency, Traffic, Errors, and Saturation. These signals are standard vocabulary and dashboarding key metrics in Site Reliability Engineering, or ‘SRE’.

By following a standard approach for onboarding, including naming conventions, alert strategy and notification, the Credit Agency can now achieve proactive notifications of their clientele and business-impacting events and performance against SLAs.

"Following maturation in this area, the Agency now measures actual client traffic during business hour trough and peak times, which gives them real-time visibility into the health of their clientele", said Laura Vetter, Evolutio co-founder and Chief Technologist. "If issues arise, the Agency is able to leverage simple drill-down strategies to get to the root cause", she added.

By focusing on a standard Observability approach, the Credit Reporting Agency confidently provides the richest data set with the best protection to their user base, which is dependent on credit reporting data as a key part of their success.

Evolutio, part of groupelephant.com, is a leading AppDynamics Elite Partner

We are currently delivering operationalized monitoring and observability of critical business processes to more than twenty Fortune 500 clients. For more information on this engagement or on AppDynamics in general, please send us a message.

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