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Evolutio partners with a top-five Global Payments Processing Provider to maintain high client satisfaction.

Customer Situation:

A large financial organization, working side-by-side with Evolutio's Solutions Architects and Consultants for the past two years, has elevated the visibility into their European and North American authorizations traffic. This organization is securely handling $450 billion in annual transactions.

Success story:

By leveraging an analytics approach powered by Cisco’s AppDynamics, the Payments Provider receives real-time visibility into the health of their key clients, regions, and locations in their two largest markets. This results in superior cross-department collaboration and ensures a positive client experience.

The team at the Payments Provider is enthusiastic about leveraging analytics to solve business problems.

"Our merchant payments business has been able to send key metrics and baseline data to AppDynamics to sort and analyze. This allows our team to surface and proactively respond to client-impacting events in a slick and intuitive interface", said a VP of Transactions Systems. "AppDynamics has helped us rapidly detect ecosystem-wide issues that impact our clients’ ability to accept card payments, including 250k+ business clients in Europe."

As this financial organization's analytics approach has matured, they have uncovered additional use cases, including predictive analytics and fraud detection. They can now proactively notify their business clients and partners of unwanted authorization traffic on their websites, which previously went unnoticed.

World-class compliance achieved

AppDynamics fits the analytics and observability goals of the Payments Provider: to enable all stakeholders to explore merchant payment data and act on it swiftly and proactively. 

Laura Vetter, Chief Technologist at Evolutio, said, "This financial organization needed an analytics platform powerful enough for enterprise-grade monitoring globally, yet simple enough to enable stakeholders to explore the business data and make better decisions with it. With business and IT on the same page, the organization achieved positive transformation quickly." 

AppDynamics and Evolutio are enabling analytics at the Payments Provider with a powerful interface, designed to equip business executives, developers, and business analysts alike. This interface makes it simple for their wide range of stakeholders to leverage analytics data, supporting their business decision-making in real time.

Evolutio, part of groupelephant.com, is a leading AppDynamics Elite Partner

We are currently delivering operationalized monitoring and observability of critical business processes to more than twenty Fortune 500 clients. For more information on this engagement or on AppDynamics in general, please send us a message.

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