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Cisco Observability Platform New Solution Launch Fall 2023

November 7, 2023
November 7, 2023

Evolutio Launches Multiple Solutions on the Cisco Observability Platform, Fall 2023

Four Solutions by Evolutio on the Cisco Observability Platform

In the age of Cloud migrations and large containerized environments, where user experience is expected to be fast, reliable, and seamless for every interaction, the bar has never been higher for Observability.

Evolutio is a services-led consultancy who specializes in “Business-Aware” Observability. Our goal is to bring Business Context into the realm of Observability to make our clients' view of user experience both highly actionable and proactive.

We have decided to build solutions with Cisco Observability Platform (COP) to bring a level of business insight data that previously had only been done in pockets and silos and only with data-heavy logs or analytics buildout.

Our initial offerings have been focused on several industry segments because of client demand in those industries is high for better, customer centric, business aware visibility.

By segmenting traffic by customer, region, datacenter, and other entities, it is easy to see how to communicate with affected parties, and options to fix the issue, such as routing traffic to a different region.

Why Evolutio Believes in the Cisco Observability Platform

By segmenting the traffic into “Business Aware” buckets, it is easy to see issues that might only impact one customer or a handful of users.

Laura Vetter advises clients, “If you are Observing data the size of a mountain and the data the size of half a hill, comes off - it can be hard to observe. If you are observing many smaller hills and the data the size of half of a hill comes off - its very obvious”.

Laura goes on further to state, “Older Observability techniques would have segmented by region, or by datacenter objects that perform the same function. By making the segments business relevant, you are surfacing data in the way that your customers and business experience IT, which is a powerful and highly actionable way to surface data”.

If you'd like to read about the excitement on Cisco's website, check out this blog post or this press release announcing our involvement on the Cisco Observability platform.

About Our Solutions

The Snapshot of Our Solutions for Fall 2023

Fintech: For banks, financial institutions, and other highly transactional environments to better understand user experience for Credit Card Processing across branches, ISPs, retailers, data centers, networks, & cloud. The solution allows a business or technology leader to see key regions (ex Chicago vs Atlanta), tie to business KPIs and key clients, drill into data center or cloud health, retailer health, branches, & more.

eCommerce (New): With the growth of ecommerce and the technology that powers it, organizations need a solution to track every part of the shopping experience. This module allows the correlation by product category or region, by monitoring of orders, shipping, inventory, and payments to quickly identify issues against the supporting infrastructure and applications.

Claims (New): Insurance institutions are looking to gather multiple claims processes in a single pane of glass to best understand process health and user-experience. The module helps to correlate and view the health of different claims processes in real-time as it relates to product types, underwriters, regions, and business units.

DataRobot – MLOps by Evolutio (New): Extends observability for both predictive AI and generative AI, with always-on monitoring and production diagnostics to track and improve performance of your models. Stay informed of key metrics like service health, accuracy and data drift.

Why We Built Business Solutions for Financial, ECommerce, & Insurance

Fintech by Evolutio on the Cisco Observability Platform

Evolutio’s initial offerings cover (1) Fintech (specifically payment card processing), (2) Retail/ECommerce (specifically in store and online checkout), and (3) Insurance (specifically Claims processing). Here is the video demo of the Fintech, eCommerce, and Insurance Solutions by Evolutio.

We partner with the Cisco Observability Platform platform to build these models because it has a very strong Entity Relationship Model, allowing us to build these platform modules very quickly, with very few objects that we ultimately create and maintain to service an industry vertical.

Leveraging other observability platforms for similar outcomes traditionally required a lot of objects (sometimes thousands) to be created and maintained to scale to the number of customers, regions, datacenters, etc. that an enterprise client requires to appropriately observe.

With Cisco Observability's unique and highly differentiated Entity Relationship Model, the number of managed objects falls from thousands into the single digits.

That’s a breath of fresh air for all observability and user experience-focused professionals in working on complex and distributed software applications.

About MLOps and AI Monitoring Integration

MLOps by Evolutio Powered by DataRobot on the Cisco Observability Platform

We have also built a fourth solution, which is an integration around MLOps (powered by DataRobot), which is designed to to make AI/ML Model performance, data drift, and other data issues in AI use cases a priority focus in an organization's observability posture.

"Through our MLOps solution, we've fine-tuned the process of monitoring machine learning models in real-time. It facilitates a comprehensive view of model performance metrics and how they align with business objectives. If there's an anomaly in a specific region or sector, it can be promptly addressed," explained Scott Munson, VP of Data Science and AI at Evolutio.

Our Data Science & AI practice empowers businesses to segment their ML model insights by parameters like region, model type, and deployment scale, ensuring anomalies like reduced model accuracies or silent failures are instantly flagged.

Here's a video demo of the MLOps Solution Powered by DataRobot.

"Cisco's platform is remarkably user-friendly. It's a malleable schema we can easily interface with and modify to suit our needs. The partnership we've fostered with Cisco throughout this journey is invaluable," Munson highlighted.

Let Us Know If You'd Like to Chat

If you are interested in learning more about Business Aware Observability or making MLOps a first class citizen in your Observability environment, please reach out to us for more information.

Want to learn more or become a client?

Visit Evolutio's website or contact info@evolutiops.com

Follow Evolutio on LinkedIn for more content on helping organizations take their next digital leap.

About Cisco Observability Platform  

Cisco Observability Platform—a vendor-agnostic solution that harnesses the power of the company’s full portfolio – was launched at Cisco Live US in June 2023. The Platform delivers contextual, correlated, and predictive insights that allow customers to resolve performance issues more quickly and optimize digital experiences, while minimizing business risk. This industry-leading extensible platform offering delivers customers a new observability ecosystem that brings data together from multiple domains including applications, networking, multi-cloud infrastructure, cloud services, security, endpoints, sustainability, and business sources.

About Cisco   

Cisco (NASDAQ: CSCO) is the worldwide technology leader that securely connects everything to make anything possible. Our purpose is to power an inclusive future for all by helping our customers reimagine their applications, power hybrid work, secure their enterprise, transform their infrastructure, and meet their sustainability goals. Discover more on The Newsroom and follow us on X at @Cisco.

About DataRobot 

DataRobot is the Value-Driven AI company, empowering organizations to accelerate AI from idea to impact. With over a decade at the forefront of AI innovation, we know what it takes to make a real difference – to your bottom line, to your business vision, and to the world around us. Our open, end-to-end AI lifecycle platform allows your organization to quickly build, securely operate, and confidently govern your entire AI landscape from a single, unified experience. Organizations across industries and geographies trust DataRobot to help solve their biggest challenges with AI, leveraging generative and predictive capabilities today while providing the flexibility to adapt to the innovations of tomorrow. Learn more at datarobot.com and connect with us on LinkedIn (@DataRobot).

About Evolutio

Evolutio specializes in helping organizations solve the operational challenges of building and scaling complex enterprise applications, bringing simplicity and governance to the chaos through Observability, Automation, Security, and Data Science. Our professional services deploy and optimize proven technologies to maximize revenue, grow brand loyalty, and deliver a premium digital experience. Follow Evolutio on LinkedIn for more content on helping organizations take their next digital leap.

Media Contact:

Aaron Abodeely
Director of Marketing, Evolutio
e: aaron.abodeely@evolutiops.com
m: 319-361-2631



Laura Vetter
CTO & Co-founder, Evolutio

Laura Vetter is a subject matter expert in methodology and tooling for Monitoring, DevOps, and full stack Observability, namely with AppDynamics and other Performance Monitoring Tools in the competitive landscape. With over 20 years of hands-on experience working in IT Ops and leading large teams, she is particularly skilled in understanding how those tools can meet the visibility needs of application-driven, Fortune 500 organizations.

Laura is well-versed in building solutions for monitoring, alerting, and reporting demands at scale. With her team of consultants and solutions architects, they roadmap process to help organizations mature along the curve, wherever they're at in the journey.

As well, Laura is a certified subject matter expert in Splunk, monitoring global SAP ERP landscapes, and enabling Software Development and DevOps teams to leverage governance process for onboarding apps to CI/CD pipelines to get more secure and quality deployments.

Forrest Smietankski
Full Stack Observability Architect

Forrest joined Evolutio in 2022 as a Consultant in the Observability practice area, bringing a decade of experience in software engineering, cloud architectures, and solving large scale enterprise issues. Wearing multiple hats during a long career at Liberty Mutual; Forrest brings financial and insurance industry experience to Evolutio customers. Forrest loves working with customers on solving complex problems, and is excited to collaborate with the other Evolutio practice areas, particularly in DevOps/ Automation and data science by applying ML and AI models to customer problems.

Scott Munson
Vice President of Data Science and Analytics, Evolutio

As the VP of Data Science & Analytics at Evolutio, Scott Munson helps clients apply Machine Learning in the real world, and deliver on the promise of Enterprise AI. His experience spans many industries including engineering, biotech, agriculture, retail, finance, and IT. Scott has managed successful multi-national digital transformation initiatives across the enterprise. At Evolutio, Scott has leveraged his technical and leadership skills to deliver Data Science, Analytics, and IT Operations solutions for enterprise clients.

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