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Our Take on the Future of AI: DataRobot's Pioneering Advancements in Generative and Predictive AI

August 10, 2023
August 10, 2023

DataRobot just unveiled its latest innovations in the realm of AI. Let's delve deeper into what's in store for businesses and how these breakthroughs might reshape the AI landscape.

With today’s DataRobot announcement, our partner and leading pure play AI platform shows once again how they're pushing the frontiers of generative AI technology.  Generative AI, as its name suggests, is all about creating, generating, and predicting novel content, solutions, and patterns. This is in contrast to the traditional predictive AI which primarily focuses on forecasting based on historical data. DataRobot's Summer ’23 Launch Event showcased an integrated platform that harnesses the power of both generative and predictive AI. Their approach eliminates the complexity, silos, and potential technical debt that often hampers the effective deployment of generative AI solutions. This is a game-changer because businesses can now achieve their AI-driven objectives without getting bogged down by the hurdles that come with managing fragmented infrastructure, a plethora of narrowly specialized AI tools, or vendor lock-in.

Increased Value for DataRobot Clients

Evolutio clients already familiar with DataRobot's offerings will find a smoother, more intuitive, and powerful experience. The synergy between predictive and generative AI on a single platform means that businesses can design AI-driven strategies that are not just reactive (predicting based on past patterns) but also proactive (generating new insights and solutions).

Furthermore, the real-life use cases presented during today’s launch, such as FordDirect's strategy to create a comprehensive customer view and Baptist Health South Florida's journey to elevate patient care, serve as testament to the tangible benefits of the integrated AI platform.

From the perspective of large data platform providers like Azure, the platform's extensive interoperability features stand out. This ensures that businesses can seamlessly integrate their existing data ecosystems with DataRobot's AI solutions without compromising on security, governance, or data privacy.

Ways Evolutio Can Help

We pride ourselves on being at the nexus of technological advancements and business strategies. With DataRobot's new innovations, we can help ensure your success through expert advisement in critical areas such as:

1. Use Case Development

We'll collaborate closely with businesses to identify potential applications of generative AI within their specific industry and operations.

2. Integration with Data Platforms

Given the platform's flexibility and compatibility with major data platform providers - including Azure, AWS, GCP, SAP, and Snowflake - our team will facilitate the integration process, ensuring that businesses can leverage their existing data infrastructure.

3. Ensuring Security and Compliance

Data privacy and security are paramount. Our team is well-equipped to guide businesses in implementing DataRobot's solutions in a manner that aligns with global data protection standards.

There are many additional areas for us to help advise clients based on where you are in your AI journey.

Get Started Today

Access the endless possibilities of DataRobot's generative and predictive AI capabilities. Here are a few ways you can start to explore this exciting new technology:

  • Test out ‘Proof of Value’ through DataRobot’s Free Trial: Experience the DataRobot AI Platform, Get Started Today With your Free 30-Day Trial.
  • Schedule a Complimentary Evolutio Consultation: Contact us to schedule a free session with our team to discuss how to make the most of DataRobot’s new AI Platform. We can provide a roadmap tailored to your business needs, ensuring that you're harnessing the full power of AI effectively and securely. 
  • Learn More at Our Upcoming Local Events: If you’re in the Minneapolis area, register to attend our Hands-On AI Workshop including a roundtable discussion.

In conclusion, as AI continues to evolve at an unprecedented pace, staying ahead of the curve is crucial. With DataRobot's groundbreaking platform and Evolutio's expertise, businesses are poised to embark on an AI journey that is both visionary and value-driven. We look forward to partnering with you on this exciting journey.

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Scott Munson
Vice President of Data Science and Analytics, Evolutio

As the VP of Data Science & Analytics at Evolutio, Scott Munson helps clients apply Machine Learning in the real world, and deliver on the promise of Enterprise AI. His experience spans many industries including engineering, biotech, agriculture, retail, finance, and IT. Scott has managed successful multi-national digital transformation initiatives across the enterprise. At Evolutio, Scott has leveraged his technical and leadership skills to deliver Data Science, Analytics, and IT Operations solutions for enterprise clients.

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