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Evolutio Announces New Cloud Cost Management Managed Service Provider (MSP) as Harness’s Launch Partner for the Global MSP Partner Program

September 13, 2022
September 13, 2022
Complete cost transparency & governance with Evolutio Cloud Cost Management (CCM) Managed Services

Evolutio's experts in automation, DevOps, cloud, and observability can now help clients optimize cloud spend and deliver software more effectively with a Managed Service Provider (MSP) Offering, underpinned by the Harness® Cloud Cost Management module

Evolutio, an Elite channel partner with Harness®, the Modern Software Delivery Platform™ company, is excited to announce that it is the launch partner for the Harness Global Managed Service Provider (MSP) program. Harness MSP partners can offer the Harness Cloud Cost Management (CCM) module to help FinOps, DevOps and IT teams manage cloud computing resources and reduce cloud costs through automation.

“Partners like Evolutio are exactly what we look for as we scale at Harness. We’ve been impressed with Evolutio’s approach to helping organizations mature their DevOps functions and see them as a natural fit for our new MSP program,” said Jason Eubanks, Harness Chief Revenue Officer. “As our first MSP partner, Evolutio will help organizations lower cloud costs – a major win on their cloud journey.”

“The new MSP offering truly allows us to meet our clients’ pace, accelerate cloud migration, and democratize cloud spend as well as realize true cloud savings." -Bob Dyksen, Evolutio Director of Automation

Evolutio’s Director of Automation, Bob Dyksen, said, “The CCM MSP solution that we are now able to offer our clients further promotes our mission. We are excited as it truly allows us to meet our clients’ pace, accelerate cloud migration, and democratize cloud spend as well as realize true cloud savings. With multiple stakeholders involved in a client’s digital journey, our goal has been to provide teams with the right information, at the right time, and when they need it. The Harness CCM capability meets that need perfectly. The MSP aims to help our clients focus on what’s most important: their businesses.”

CCM Managed Services equip cloud-ready organizations to better understand and reduce their cloud spending. Also, as part of the Managed Services, Evolutio’s experts in automation, DevOps, cloud, and observability are available to client organizations on-demand, enabling teams across engineering, finance, technology, and business to collaborate on data- driven spending decisions.

Once the software for Evolutio’s CCM Managed Services solution, powered by Harness CCM, is implemented, organizations generate dashboards to help them take a handful of steps, including recommending sizing for cloud infrastructure, surfacing anomaly cloud spend, and auto-stopping non-production cloud workloads. Net-net, cloud cost savings are often 20-60%, much of which can be saved automatically depending on the cloud inventory and purpose.

Combining the maturity of Harness CCM with Evolutio's experience delivering professional services as an Elite Harness partner, the two organizations are poised to help enable cultural change and significant cloud cost savings.

This MSP offering leverages the momentum of Harness's $230mm Series D funding raise, this unique partnership will further help organizations with their digital transformation and migration to the cloud.

“Harness is a quintessential rocket ship in the tech space. Having built businesses around other companies that Jyoti Bansal has led, it’s easy to see how and why Harness has attracted so much top talent in bringing their offering to the market. Evolutio is deeply embedded with our clients and the Harness technology is a must-have for any organization that is committed to innovation and IT modernization. The partner-focused approach and support from executive leadership at Harness is refreshing. Collaboration is a requirement for any successful partnership in the IT industry, and the resources Harness has shared with us have been paramount in launching this MSP in an effective and timely manner. There is so much more to come with Harness and Evolutio,'' said Evolutio CEO and Co-Founder, Adam Ties.

Want to learn more or become a beta client?

Visit Evolutio's website or contact cloudcost@evolutiops.com

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About Evolutio:

Evolutio specializes in helping organizations solve the operational challenges of building and scaling complex enterprise applications, bringing simplicity and governance to the chaos through four practices: Observability, Automation, Security, and Data Science. Their professional services deploy and optimize proven technologies to maximize revenue, grow brand loyalty, and deliver a premium digital experience. Follow Evolutio on LinkedIn for more content on helping organizations take their next digital leap.

Media Contact:

Aaron Abodeely
Director of Marketing, Evolutio
e: aaron.abodeely@evolutiops.com
m: 319-361-2631



Bob Dyksen
Director, Automation, Evolutio

Bob Dyksen is the Director of Automation, leading Evolutio’s practice in the hyper-growth industry of Automation.

With his background in computer science and extensive technical experience in the development of software teams and products, he provides organizations with insight into the vast DevOps landscape, accelerating cloud migration and digital transformation initiatives.

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