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Observability Client Stories

October 20, 2022
October 20, 2022

Observability Tells a Story

Story #1: Large Regional Trucking Retail

Transforming user experience in the trucking apps. Prime Parking, Pilot Loyalty, and Pilot My Rewards.

Story #2: Auto Claims Processing B2B SaaS

John joined CCC in 2020, and that was the catalyst for this automotive and insurance SaaS platform to take their optimization of AppDynamics to the next level.

Why does John love the Evolutio + AppDynamics combination? It's because they came to him proactively, as a team, and pointed out:

"John, there are all types of things that you've already bought, that you have the competency to do, but that you're just not executing on yet."

Evolutio helped illuminate the strategy and vision of bringing customer transparency into CCC's business, with the help of AppDynamics, to stay focused on customer satisfaction.

John also talks about culture change in the Product Development team: developing an Observability skill set. Meaning, after they produce software...

- It stays up and running

- The customer is happy

- They understand how the customer is using the software

And John says CCC couldn't achieve this cultural change without the Evolutio partnership and methodology.

Keith calls it "co-opetition" when organizations have a solution that challenges the other technology investments they've made.

"We can't look at things as a stack anymore. Vertical silos are unacceptable. We have to go horizontally to correlate data, which helps us locate the root cause and better understand changes in customer or business behavior," Keith says.

Evolutio and AppDynamics are proud to be part of the big transformation underway at CCC for the future, while also staying focused on the day-to-day.

Story #3: Travel Marketplace B2B Provider

Today: Are we up and working?

Tomorrow: Not only are we up and working, what client data sets exist in the infrastructure to get more context on client satisfaction and their business impact?

Future: The Real Roadmap for Fares & Shopping Contract

- Dashboards for major client health, focused on SLI, SLO, SLA for Priceline, Kayak, Amex, etc

- How are you selling to your clients? Are we serving them as per our contracts?

- Dashboards to Kayak or Priceline showing: error rate, speed of returns on queries, uptime, number of queries, complexities of queries

Story #4: European Auto Manufacturer

See the video above.

Evolutio can help you with your Observability initiatives and driving the cultural change for getting Site Reliability Engineering on the roadmap with your teams. Visit our Contact page to get in touch and learn more.



Laura Vetter
CTO & Co-founder, Evolutio

Laura Vetter is a subject matter expert in methodology and tooling for Monitoring, DevOps, and full stack Observability, namely with AppDynamics and other Performance Monitoring Tools in the competitive landscape. With over 20 years of hands-on experience working in IT Ops and leading large teams, she is particularly skilled in understanding how those tools can meet the visibility needs of application-driven, Fortune 500 organizations.

Laura is well-versed in building solutions for monitoring, alerting, and reporting demands at scale. With her team of consultants and solutions architects, they roadmap process to help organizations mature along the curve, wherever they're at in the journey.

As well, Laura is a certified subject matter expert in Splunk, monitoring global SAP ERP landscapes, and enabling Software Development and DevOps teams to leverage governance process for onboarding apps to CI/CD pipelines to get more secure and quality deployments.

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